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Venezuelan Independence

By: Venezuela Sugar Delta Team

Venezuela Sugar Delta Team has gather to bring to 11 meter a special event station

Celebrating the Independence of Venezuela


The Team will be on Air from April 4 until April 30, 2015.

At the moment we have 6 Sugar Delta Station from Venezuela that will run this

Special event; we expect to add other members as well.

Each station will call as 5SD/ID.

Ending it with the first letter of the name of each operator

5SD/ID-A “Alejandro”

5SD/ID-B “Bernard”

5SD/ID-F “Frederick”

5SD/ID-J “Jorge”

5SD/ID-V “Valentine”

5SD/ID-W “Wilmer”

It will be Log System, if you get to work all ID stations you will receive the QSL plus

An award in PDF format that will be send to you via e-mail.

More information will be post soon.

QSL Via: Puerto Rico Sugar Delta QSL Buro

Thank you. 11SD001 Tito & 11SD035 Carlos


Latest Information about 8SD/DX

With lot of Sadness I have to inform you all this Activations is cancel for the moment, Raphael's  radio was taking away from him by the Peru Border Aduana, we are working to get this activation on air as soon as possible, any update will be giving as soon we get them, the persons that have sponsor us in this activation I want to tell them that there sponsorship money is secure, those that have send donations to me I still have it, if for any reason you are not satisfy I will be more than glad to refund you your donation, thanks for your compression.

8SD/DX Coming This Next December 2014

By 3SD103 Mr. Raphael

QSL Via Puerto Rico Sugar Delta QSL Buro

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