There are many ways you can sponsor our Buro...

You can Send Donations to print a new QSL's Flag of a DXCC you pick or you can Sponsor an DX-Expedition, Activation Or "SES" Especial Event Station we manage, you decide.

If you become a Sponsor of a certain DXCC we manage and make a reasonable donation.

1- Your call will appear in that back of that QSL as Sponsor.

2- You will receive For free up to 9 different QSL's from DXCC you work and that we manage, 3 envelops with 3 QSL's inside each envelope making a total of 9 QSL's.

3- You will receive an Official
Sponsor Certificated of the Puerto Rico Sugar Delta QSL Buro.

If you become a Sponsor of a DX-Expedition, Activation or "SES" Special Event Station then additional
of 1-2 and 3 that I already mention.

4- If you Work the Event mention above you will not have to send contribution to receive the QSL back.

5- Depending the DXCC that is active and if it has post service I will send a list of sponsors to the operator making the activation to send you a Direct post card if you get to be in his log.

Been a sponsor is not mandatory, is something voluntary, we don't required no one to be a sponsor, we all have different economic situations, some persons have spare money and others don't, we understand that, any Donations are more than welcome is up to
you if you can be a sponsor or not, anyway we will treat you as you deserve to be treat, thanks a lot

Best Regards from the Puerto Rico Sugar Delta QSL Buro 

P.S - The Dotation Button Via PayPal is in the Left Colum, Thanks very much for you kind donation

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